The 25th of March, 2013 saw the release of the brand new album from singer songwriter, Farryl Purkiss “Home” to his South African fans.

With this release he brought in International Producer, Kieran Kelly, who has worked with incredible artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Angus & Julia Stone, Better Than Ezra, Tony Garnier (Bob Dylan) and Rob Moose (Antony and the Johnsons), to name a few.

On working with Kieran, Farryl comments, “Working with this calibre of producer was a massive learning experience for me. Kieran is used to working with a certain level of musicianship, so I really felt I had to step up my game to keep up with him. He owns his own studio back in NYC which has spawned some of my favorite records of all time, so to have his full attention on mine for such a long period was invaluable. He was super easy to work with, and treated this album as if it was his own. He is also an incredible musician in his own right, so his contribution went way beyond the call of just an regular producer, he got stuck right in there and got his hands dirty. The result I feel speaks for itself. He is as proud of this album as I am.”

People always ask Farryl, “What do you write about?”, or “What influences your song writing?”. When it came to writing the songs for his new album, one thing he found with “Home” is that the message for him was pretty clear. The subject matter generally deals with 2 things…his home, and his youth. By no means did he plan to write about those subjects, but they presented themselves in each piece that he wrote in one form or another.

“Most of the songs on my previous albums were all written while on tour, alone, and in foreign countries. What’s different about this record is that all the songs were written while on my farm in Cape Town, and to add fuel to the album title choice, it was recorded at a studio literally 300 meters from where we live. As far as recording the songs go, they took on a life of their own in the studio. As soon as we started tracking the mood and approach surrounding this creation breathed life into every song we tackled. The songs ran in any and every direction they pleased. Instead of us directing the songs, the songs seemed to direct us. It was lot like trying to tie an elephant to a tree with a piece of string. Calm and chaos lying side by side in each song.”, explains Farryl.

The album includes a new recorded version of “Ways To Live Forever” which was written for the Ben Chaplin movie of the same name, as well as the finished version of “In Apostrophes”, which was first released as a demo version on the bonus disc of the Special Edition release of “Fruitbats & Crows”, hyping it as a track which will be on the next album. And so it is.

Farryl includes his hauntingly beautiful version of the Crowded House hit “Fall At Your Feet”, along with great album tracks “Till She Was No More”, “Yesterday’s Demise” and “Absolution In The Ground”.

Listen to Farryl’s brand new single “Own Way Home”:

What the press have to say about Farryl’s “Home” album:

It explores the full scale of the human heart – everything from despair to self-doubt, death, discovery and devotion – and is remarkably authentic. It also happens to be a really fucking fantastic listen.”  GQ Magazine South Africa

What happened to the rustic folk-guitar jangles, strummed psyche-pop hues and baroque Tim Buckley-esque balladry that fuelled Purkiss’ previous album, Fruitbats & Crows? Well, it’s all here, it’s just evolved into a more mature, crafted and confident pop medium” – Rolling Stone magazine

The album is a poignant reflection on belonging, with the cover – illustrated with a bearded pipe smoker – evoking the romantic sentiment of a simple, poetic life stripped of excess and clutter. Ofcourse Purkiss is still young and not quite yet the wise, bearded smoker on the cover, he sums up the album manifesto with the words ‘Live for what you said you would when you were young.’ Sounds pretty wise to me.” – The Big Issue

This album is a poignant triumph, slightly less radio-friendly than Fruitbats & Crows, but with a much stronger personality– The New Age

Singer-Songwriter Farryl Purkiss is, superficially, the archetypal solo artist – an operator who can make a considerable impact with only an acoustic guitar and his voice. This album rather ruins that cliché, but in a good way. Purkiss is joined by a crack band that includes strings and a banjo. The result, not surprisingly, is a sound that’s a good deal fuller than fans of his early stuff might expect.– The Citizen

First track in and you can tell Farryl Purkiss means business. This album is the old, tried tested and golden method of creating something for someone and then giving it to the world.” – Muse magazine